The following are a selection of, in my view, thought-provoking analyses collected over recent weeks. Apple and Apple Music More AKWBFY,NY (Apple Knows What’s Best For You, Not You):  ‘Apple Stole My Music. No, Seriously’ –  Tesla and its non-automotive impact Oil isn’t the only commodity threatened by Tesla: Here’s How Electric Cars... (read more)

There is much government talk about the economic importance of enabling a digital society. Yet little coherent in the UK seems to materialise – bits here and there imperfectly integrated and with insufficient commitment. Just think of the multiple UK initiatives over the years. That such slow progress is a given calls into question whether... (read more)

Analysis Charles Brett is principal analyst at Freeform Dynamics, The Register’s research partner, where he covers end user computing, with a particular focus on the infrastructure. In June 2014, we examined how Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) was evolving and the ways in which the market was consolidating. Four months later this requires significant revision. Not... (read more)

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is only one part of the broader Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) jigsaw, albeit it a starting point. Now that Microsoft has joined heavyweights like CA, Dell, Good/Boxtone, Fujitsu, IBM, SAP, Symantec and VMware in offering more than MDM for enterprises organisations will need to identify which vendors offer what that enterprise... (read more)

Malicious Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks do not occur often. Nevertheless, for an enterprise trying to stay in business they are difficult to resist. The concept of a ’friendly’ DDoS attack may, therefore, seem fanciful or even impossible. But it can occur in highly specific circumstances (and not ones simulating a malicious DDoS attack).... (read more)

Computer security is a hot topic today, and much talked about. There are endless emanations of new and sparkly technologies, each of which aspires to solve security problems, though most (sadly) turn out to be: incompetent require too much of too many prescriptive to a level that is impossible to deliver. Yet, throughout all the... (read more)

Until relatively recently most in IT looked upon Graphics Processing Units (GPUs[1]) as specialty technology with dozens or hundreds of cores optimized to run complex mathematical modelling and analysis, numerically intense calculations or for driving sophisticated graphics and rendering. In effect GPUs were for where conventional processors did not have the horsepower to solve specific... (read more)

Talking to end users and some vendors, especially from the mobile space, there is some circumstantial evidence of the existence of businesses who would like to see the past wall-to-wall single solution provider – that existed with Windows and Windows – CE return, but with a difference. The preference today is for a broader perspective... (read more)

2014’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona brought together the mobile telephony infrastructure industry, multiple handset vendors and large numbers of mobile app tools and platforms. As always, it was overwhelming. Yet, in the area of mobility management, a clear pattern emerged of vendor consolidation and capability deepening, way beyond what traditional Mobile Device Management (MDM)... (read more)

Friday, November 29, 2013 Analyst Event Reprise: Vodafone reveals crisp, consistent offerings for businesses globally   Vodafone is an exception as a telco.  It has a heritage in mobile communications, albeit most commonly associated with consumer mobile.  Yet, from the outside, it has increasingly appeared over recent years to be acquiring the slow, stodgy habits... (read more)

Organisations may be undertaking data loss protection that is excessive and uneconomic First published: December 2013 Are enterprises asking the right questions about data and its storage? This may seem an unusual question – it should not be treated as an abstract issue. If they are not, or if appropriate questions produce unexpected answers, then there... (read more)

IT may not have to worry about mobile device backup First published: November 2013 Professional IT prefers disciplined approaches which back up, or copy, all enterprise data to ensure it does not go missing. There are good reasons for this especially with core data (from transaction applications) when you bear business continuity and regulatory requirements in... (read more)