Valhalla (spelled Walhalla in Valenciano) is a state of the art data center certified to the TIA-942, Tier 4 specification.  It is capable of housing up to 27000 servers in Phase I (Phases II and III add the capability for housing a further 27000 servers in each) and it was purpose designed by TISSAT to... (read more)

Banco Santander is thought to be one of the better managed European banks (not that this necessarily says that much these days).  But it is also guilty of failing to adjust to an increasingly mobile world where ever more sophisticated smart devices are a routine part of what customers (retail and wholesale) carry around.  While... (read more)

Sales of smart phones exceed the combined sales notebooks, desktops, tablets and netbooks, by 15%. Thanks to Distro’s further analysis of data gathered by Calanys Research, the following sales figures apply to 2011: 488M smartphones 210M notebooks 112M desktops 63M tablets (pads) 30M netbooks. Another way to look at this: add smartphones and tablets together... (read more)

The influx of smart devices into enterprises continues. By the start of 2012, more than 400M have been sold (including smartphones and tablets, but not PCs – which arguably should now be included). Many of these smart devices will find use in enterprises, posing both mobility management issues (Note 1) and application ones as well... (read more)

Iberia is an airline not to fly if you expect customer service.  Its approach seems to be not to value the people who pay for it (its customers) as the most important component in its value chain, an attitude that its staff consistently and conscientiously apply.  Ironically, with a little imagination about using modern mobile... (read more)