Developing apps for smartphones and tablets looks straightforward.  After all, if >1M apps on Android and iOS can appear in less than 4 years, even if mainly sourced from small developers, how can this be difficult?  Larger enterprises should not be deceived.  It is all too easy to underestimate the sophistication required, especially when all... (read more)

The first Mobile Enterprise Business Error (Unintended) involved Banco Santander in Spain  The second comes from an executive of a company asked to help prevent what was about to happen.  This it involved a bank which realized, just in time, that what it wished to do with its proposed iOS app would give Apple unintended... (read more)

There are over 1.5B people globally who do not have access to electricity.  A large proportion live in sub-Saharan Africa. Eight19 is a Cambridge, UK company which has creatively combined solar panel electricity generation with LED lights, USB charging and a mobile technology-based payments system to create a solution that can save a family 40%... (read more)

The increasing acceptance of BYOD (Buy or Bring Your Own Device) is forcing change on enterprises and on how they adapt to smart devices (including smartphones, tablets and laptops).  Constellation has already reported (Note 1) on how smart device responsibility may leave IT for better suited departments like HR or Finance. The EU is doing... (read more)