Mar 02

MWC2012 – Reflections 3: some personal impressions (in brief)

Mobile World Congress (MWC) had some 50,000+ attendees with more than 1500 exhibitors.  On behalf of Constellation Research I talked with more than 30 vendors and visited more, which seems tiny.  Below I list those that made an impression (in no particular order) with a brief comment.  If you want to know more, just ask:

  • Wyse: it launched its Mobile Enterprise Management approach (having bought Trellia) all within/with its Pocket Cloud (which is a neat approach for tieing different devices together)
  • Docusign: this is a clever solution for electronic signing in the cloud, both C2C and B2B; good workflow management for latter, and much faster than exchanging paper contracts
  • Fiberlink: Mobile Enterprise Management, and growing fast in a demanding market
  • Enterproid: secure container on Android for enterprise apps/data (it will compete with Cellrox and VMware for this space)
  • InfoGin: this is a clever way of automating smart device presentation of a normal web page, without doing lots of work (can be tweaked)
  • Pinger: on the verge of expanding to Europe and though consumer may have an enterprise dimension which could cut roaming costs (keeps your mobile # AND gives you a virtual number for when travelling)
  • MobileIron: Mobile Enterprise Management solution and also growing fast
  • Box announced a relationship with Enterproid and joined the Cloud Security Alliance; it is also expanding into Europe – where it already has a substantial if remote customer base
  • SAP/Afaria: the subject was Mobile Enterprise Management and how SAP is folowing a disciplined 5-part approach to 2012 with app development occupying (correctly) a greater share of attention
  • IBM is being unusual (for it) in the way it approaches mobility and its management but it adds up; the confirmed acquisition of Worklight significantly adds to its portfolio of strengths
  • Tangoe offers Mobile Enterprise Management and especially Telecom Expense Management (including for mobiles, roaming and international)
  • Airwatch: Mobile Enterpise Management with a particular focus on the protection of enterprise documentation so that these cannot ‘go missing’ from the enterprise
  • Juniper: it thinks it has a Mobile Enterprise Management solution (we need to be convinced) but it has potential
  • Mobiles Republic: interesting (licensed) app news disseminator to smart devices
  • VMware: thinks it has a VM for Android corporate/enterprise – looks weak to me and faces tough competition from Enterproid and Cellroxx (but has the advantage of size)
  • NQMobile: antivirus/malware scanning app for mobiles
  • Naptech: very interesting tech for deep packet inspection, analysis and/or storage of all that goes on in your network; probably has enterprise relevance (less than Euros 5K for a 40GB input network card)
  • Starhome: these are the people who can explain how and why telcos cannot talk to each other; it also can provide real time solutions to overcome this (if the carrier is motivated)
  • GoldenGekko: small, Barcelona s/w development company with a mobile app development tool
  • Cellebrite: these guys make a XP-based device — used by mobile carriers in their stores — which reads your old phone content in and moves it out to your new phone (or to a USB, if going for repair, etc); in a different, forensic version, this is used by police forces for reading what has been deleted as well as what is on a device
  • SlideMe: an alternative Android apps market (for those with Android devices), with great non-Google alternatives
  • Telefonica: real growth coming not from Spain but from LatAm, especially Brasil; new Technology Division located in London (probably re-inventing the wheel as telcos are apt to do).

Finally there was the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.  This HAS potential.  The interface on a tablet looks better than iOS on an iPad — more flexible in short.  Of course what does not yet match-up is battery life and device packaging — but one can hardly blame Microsoft for that (yet).  It is clear that Samsung, ASUS, LG, Intel and others are jumping or are about to jump on the potential bandwagon …

I wish I could have seen more.  There were not enough hours in the show day.  Worthwhile?  Yes.  But it could have been so much better (see also MWC2012 Reflections 1 and 2).

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