This is proving to be a week which encourages lateral thought. In particular two extremes come to mind. The first starts with inhibiting Facebook and continues about the future success, or otherwise, of the ‘Facebook-model’. The second reflects a wide ranging discussion with Omer Eiferman, CEO of Cellrox and what Multiple Virtual Personas can do... (read more)

As a previous blog ( related, my iPhone was recently ripped from my hands by two ‘gentlemen’ on a motorbike in Tel Aviv .  This has obliged an unwanted re-think about what should be the replacement, with unexpected initial conclusions.  While the easiest solution is clearly another iPhone, that increasingly looks the least likely option. ... (read more)

This example of a Mobile Enterprise Error is about Tesco (the major supermarket chain) in the UK. It comes courtesy of a Tesco customer, whom Constellation Research met at the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR) meeting in London in March — and shows that even the most competent can make mistakes. This Tesco customer... (read more)