Apr 02

Mobile Enterprise Errors (Unintended) #6: bold, beautiful … and useless

This example of a Mobile Enterprise Error is about Tesco (the major supermarket chain) in the UK. It comes courtesy of a Tesco customer, whom Constellation Research met at the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR) meeting in London in March — and shows that even the most competent can make mistakes.

This Tesco customer had a Tesco Clubcard, which Tesco uses to collect information about its customers and what they buy.  Customers present the credit card-sized Clubcard at the till when they check-out and pay.  The details of purchases are then used by Tesco as a reward card and for detailed analysis of both each customer’s buying habits as well as to examine macro trends and preferences.

Recently Tesco announced an app for Cubcard holders.  This particular customer was delighted – if he obtained the app he would have one less card in his wallet. That made sense  H downloaded the app, registered his Clubcard details for the app, saw that his Clubcard details appeared on his iPhone and proceeded to cut his physical Clubcard in half.

The latter action proved to be a mistake.  When he next arrived at a Tesco checkout he presented the Clubcard, with his number in the iPhone app – and the Tesco checkout reader could not read it (and nor could any other).  The net result – 3 weeks of waiting for a new Clubcard, because Tesco checkout readers cannot read Tesco app codes.  Not impressive for such a normally efficient enterprise.  Yet failing to check the simplest details can happen to us all.


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