In the past week there has been much anxiety in the iPhone world, with Apple displacing the well liked Google Maps for its own poorly received new mapping application.  Apple has promised to improve, and it likely will. But avoiding blind acceptance of vendor-proffered futures is a must.  In the world of mobile devices,  the... (read more)

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Genesys European G-Force conference in Barcelona.  Genesys has adopted the slogan “Save the world from bad customer service”. In a mobile context, three aspects raised in Barcelona deserve comment. The first was the charming story of a child’s prized Green Pig being left, by accident, at... (read more)

After the  Constellation Research Summer Retreat in late July a survey of mobile device penetration was undertaken.  The results, analyzed during the vacation season, are not dramatic.  But they do illustrate why BYOD, if Constellation is a proxy for larger organizations, is an issue for enterprises. Mobile phones For mobile phones, there were: no feature... (read more)