During one day of this week, the week before Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2013, a triple coincidence occurred:  Telefonica signed with NICE to introduce Mobile Reach (to address customer issues), the ‘TSAV 8 to Barcelona’ event was held in Tel Aviv  and I (by coincidence) had arranged to vist NICE in order to understand Mobile... (read more)

At Fujitsu Forum, held in Munich in November last year, Benno Zollner (the CIO of Fujitsu Technology Solutions, outside Japan) asked the question:  “Why are (organizations) spending so much for Workplace IT?”  It is a good question.  It has made me think 1)  about mobile devices and 2) about roles and what is deployed with... (read more)

Have you ever thought about the term ‘laptop’?  It was invented to differentiate a portable class of PC from desktops.  But, how many people use their ‘laptops’ on their laps?  This has a practical productivity significance that many underestimate, and it may be one of the unsung reasons why tablets are so attractive… Think about... (read more)