Organisations may be undertaking data loss protection that is excessive and uneconomic First published: December 2013 Are enterprises asking the right questions about data and its storage? This may seem an unusual question – it should not be treated as an abstract issue. If they are not, or if appropriate questions produce unexpected answers, then there... (read more)

IT may not have to worry about mobile device backup First published: November 2013 Professional IT prefers disciplined approaches which back up, or copy, all enterprise data to ensure it does not go missing. There are good reasons for this especially with core data (from transaction applications) when you bear business continuity and regulatory requirements in... (read more)

  First published: October 2013 By Charles Brett and Tony Lock During an Analyst Briefing at the IBM Development Laboratory in Bucharest, a series of IBM executives took invited technology analysts through its thinking about the evolution of SDN and what will likely come in the future. During the course of the day IBM staff talked... (read more)

First published: October 2013 A gigabyte is 1,073,741,824 bytes. Computer science tells us this is so. But when it comes to IT vendors and telecom service providers this simple truth is so often cast aside. In the parallel universe that is Cupertino, for example, Apple is notable for treating a gig as 1,000,000,000 bytes for users... (read more)

First published: October 2013 By Charles Brett At an Analyst Briefing in London in late September IBM described what seems like an increasingly hoary chestnut: social business – a term that tries to combine all the consumer-type aspects of social networking with all that which we associate with business. As almost all there agreed (IBM and... (read more)

Increased automation made flight engineers obsolete; it could happen to storage specialists First published: October 2013 Flight engineers in cockpits began to disappear in the 1980s as aircraft manufacturers rolled out new plane designs that were more automated and thereby cost efficient. Arguably the same should be happening with data storage in enterprises. Why is this... (read more)