Talking to end users and some vendors, especially from the mobile space, there is some circumstantial evidence of the existence of businesses who would like to see the past wall-to-wall single solution provider – that existed with Windows and Windows – CE return, but with a difference. The preference today is for a broader perspective... (read more)

2014’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona brought together the mobile telephony infrastructure industry, multiple handset vendors and large numbers of mobile app tools and platforms. As always, it was overwhelming. Yet, in the area of mobility management, a clear pattern emerged of vendor consolidation and capability deepening, way beyond what traditional Mobile Device Management (MDM)... (read more)

Friday, November 29, 2013 Analyst Event Reprise: Vodafone reveals crisp, consistent offerings for businesses globally   Vodafone is an exception as a telco.  It has a heritage in mobile communications, albeit most commonly associated with consumer mobile.  Yet, from the outside, it has increasingly appeared over recent years to be acquiring the slow, stodgy habits... (read more)