Objectives and Contact Details

C3B Consulting Ltd was founded in 1988 by Charles Brett, its current President. Since 1988 the Company has operated on a global basis, undertaking assignments around the globe.

C3B Consulting specializes in applying common sense about technology for the benefit of organizations of all sizes.

To deliver on this it invests a minimum of 25% of time in investigating and learning. This is then applied, by explaining technologies to:

  • customer executives and managers, in terms relevant to their taking of decisions
  • technologists and/or developers – who often do not wholly understand what their
    products or services can do or how they may be relevant to the marketplace.

With over 20 years of experience, C3B Consulting has proved repeatedly that it can deliver – whether in North America, Europe or further afield.

As stated above the Company’s primary objective is to provide common sense about technology to its clients. This comes in many forms, from conventional consulting through public speaking and presenting as well as writing. The Company also works with a network of highly capable specialists whom it will introduce into projects as and when appropriate to fulfill client needs.

As part of its commitment to international clients, the Company will work where appropriate.

A secondary objective is to write and comment on technologies and to publish.

To contact C3B Consulting, please use any of the following:

  • charles.brett.c3bc@outlook.com
  • +44 787 233 4000
    +34 686 116 993
  • VOIP – Skype: cccbrett

C3B Consulting Ltd.
Registered address: School House, St Philip’s Court, Church Hill, Coleshill, Birmingham B46 3AD, UK