Services/Focus Areas

C3B Consulting provides a range of services to its clients. These include:

  • consulting
  • speaking
  • writing
  • creation of customer-friendly, technology-illustrative case studies.

In addition, the Company is investigating the following specific technology initiatives:

  • ADAD (Automating the Discovery of Applications and their Dependencies); this is fundamental and essential; enterprises must know what they have in order to make decisions (or they risk making bad decisions and breaking what currently works). There are good automated tools recently available (most enterprises are now far too complex for manual tools).
  • Enterprise Architecture:. Explaining what it is, how it is useful and what enterprise architects need to do. This can be focused on management appreciating EA or on enabling enterprise architects to communicate why their function matters to management. (Also see Published Commentary, above)
  • NDCM (the New Data Center Model); this goes beyond ‘cloud computing’ by combining low cost modular hardware, exploitation of no-linear software licencing (avoiding the IBM/Oracle ”add another processor, add another software licence” syndrome), workload flexibility (including rapid scale up, or down) plus major reductions in system management complexity and cost. While there are similarities to cloud computing, as well as common elements, it goes deeper and further than the cloud’s nebulosity. (Also see Published Commentary, above)
  • TAMSECE (Total Automated Metering Solutions for an Energy Conscious Environment); this can be summarized as ‘defining the entire, end to end solution required for automated metering to deliver to utilities and to customers.” This is green (reducing energy consumption) and commercial (reducing utility costs) and exploits NDCM – but is only workable if the solution is complete from consumer to utility back to consumer (which is not how most utilities, or governments, think). There are several variants (electricity, gas, water, transmission/pipelines, etc.) with many players (utilities, transmission/network operators, etc.) and much for which to compete.
  • EP-GPS (Event Processing with the Global Positioning System); existing challenges are attracting new forms of solution. Amongst the most interesting are those combining (complex) event processing with the position generating capabilities of GPS (often communicated via 2G/3G GSM cellular phone networks to give broad geographic coverage) in near real time. C3BC is investigating how tens of thousands of events generated a second can be processed — possibly using the NDCM with non-linear licensed software to keep costs down — to offer solutions for social problem areas such as stalking, paedophilia, criminal probation and/or prisoner location, domestic violence prevention, etc.