Charles Brett Bio

Charles Brett is President of C3B Consulting Ltd, which he founded in 1998. Since inception, Charles has focused on delivering common sense to the application of technology in organizations of all sizes around the world. Charles has lived and worked in the UK, Italy, the Middle East, South Africa, California, Spain and Estonia.

In addition to Charles was the Editorial Director of the SAA Spectrum, then the MIDDLEWARESPECTRA Journal which became INSIGHT-SPECTRA. From the 20 years from 1987-20011, each was a leading and authoritative quarterly which focused on how to deliver integration through the use of a multiplicity of middleware and other technologies.

In 2007 he joined Forrester Research as a Principal Analyst, based in Europe and operating primarily in Spain and the UK. There he specialized in covering Event Processing/Complex Event Processing, Enterprise Architecture (including the application of middleware) and advanced transaction processing as well as some of the precursors to what is now called ‘cloud computing’.

He returned to C3B Consulting Ltd in 2009 which affiliated with Constellation Research ( between August 2011 and March 2013 abd from August 2013 to present times with Freeform Dynamics (

Today he focuses on mobility and its management in the enterprise, including:

  • how mobility can change business processes and even business models
  • mobile app development and deployment
  • mobile apps and associated data management
  • BYOD (Bring or Buy Your Own Device) and related policy management
  • the Consumerization of IT and associated enterprise changes
  • mobility services
  • mobile in cross-channel commerce, etc.

He has consulted and worked with users and vendors on:

  • virtualization with high performance, low cost processing (including organization-specific cloud-like computing)
  • Event Processing/Complex Event Processing (especially when combined with GPS)
  • enterprise architecture (including automating the discovery and management of applications) aswell as integration of diverse systems
  • reducing IT CAPEX/OPEX, including by understanding Data Storage Factors, or how unnecessarily often organizations store the same data when it is not necessary).
  • electronic publishing.

Specific industry sectors of interest and experience finance (especially systems supporting wholesale finance), telecommunications and energy (and its conservation). He has an ongoing interest in automated metering for the electricity, gas and water industries.

Charles has spoken at multiple industry conferences, has written for numerous publications (including the London Times and the Financial Times). He was the General Chair of the bi-annual High Performance Systems Workshop, 2005.

He is an author and novelist/ Technology books include:

  • Making the Most of Mobility Vol I (eBook, 2012)
  • Explaining iTunes, iPhones and iPads for Windows Users (eBook, 2011)
  • 5 Axes of Business Application Integration (2004).

His novels exploit his knowledge of technology and business. They are available in ebook and paperback formats and can be obtained from Amazon, iTunes Store, Nook, etc:

  • The HolyPhone Confessional Crisis
  • Corruption’s Price: A Spanish Deceit

Charles has a B.A. and M.A in Modern History from the University of Oxford.