In recent months Constellation Research (CR) has assembled ever deeper research into how enterprises are handling the myriad of issues where mobiles (including smartphones, tablets and laptops) are changing how enterprises work.  Besides defining market categories like MoDM (Mobile Device Management, mostly for mobile phones), MADM (Mobile Apps and Data Management, where corporate information assets... (read more)

Mobile devices are changing the way we work — not just as individuals but also as enterprises.  This applies as much to government as to businesses as the following two examples (both from real life and both from Madrid) demonstrate. In the first a colleague recently had to present his annual tax return to Hacienda... (read more)

The BBC reports ( that the Metropolitan Police (the Met, aka Scotland Yard) in London is spending GBP50K to obtain 16 terminals which can read your mobile phone at selected Police Stations in London.  This demands thought — and analysis suggests some interesting implications. Not only will the Met be able to read the data... (read more)

In various forms of Christianity (most notably the Roman Catholic Church) confessing your sins plays a major role in the life of both priests and congregation.  Yet this is, in business terms, an awkward and inefficient process.  In this analysis Constellation Research considers how (hypothetically) technology optimization when combining mobile phone, VOIP, call center and... (read more)

Samsung recently launched its Galaxy SIII smartphone, the latest update of its hyperbolically successful Galaxy Series. In the Fall of 2011 Apple did the same with its iPhone 4S, displacing the equally successful iPhone 4.  But step back: what changed? Not a lot.  This suggests that the pinnacle of smartphone function/relevance/capability matrix may now have... (read more)

The arrival of PCs seemed to sound the death knell of hand-writing. To most, the arrival of smartphones, tablets and other devices was more like adding nails to an already well-prepared coffin.  But this might not be so if Israeli company N-trig ( has its way. Most content creation today uses keyboards, mice and occasionally... (read more)

he Dell Annual Analyst Conference was held in late April. It provided ample evidence of Dell’s enterprise-orientation and the recruitment of John Swainson (ex-CEO of CA and before that head of IBM’s WebSphere unit) brings genuine weight to Dell’s software aspirations. In terms of mobility there was nothing new on show beyond the expected commitment... (read more)

The Nokia Lumia has attracted positive reviews, with both tje phone and its Windows Phone 7.5 (WP7) software platform. While not drawing quite as much attention as the Lumia, HTC’s Titan, Radar and other WP devices also look good. One common reason is WP7, which may also provide the nail that seals Nokia’s and HTC’s... (read more)

This is proving to be a week which encourages lateral thought. In particular two extremes come to mind. The first starts with inhibiting Facebook and continues about the future success, or otherwise, of the ‘Facebook-model’. The second reflects a wide ranging discussion with Omer Eiferman, CEO of Cellrox and what Multiple Virtual Personas can do... (read more)

As a previous blog ( related, my iPhone was recently ripped from my hands by two ‘gentlemen’ on a motorbike in Tel Aviv .  This has obliged an unwanted re-think about what should be the replacement, with unexpected initial conclusions.  While the easiest solution is clearly another iPhone, that increasingly looks the least likely option. ... (read more)

This example of a Mobile Enterprise Error is about Tesco (the major supermarket chain) in the UK. It comes courtesy of a Tesco customer, whom Constellation Research met at the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR) meeting in London in March — and shows that even the most competent can make mistakes. This Tesco customer... (read more)

On a pleasant spring day in Tel Aviv I was indeed surprised to have a moto with 2 young men aboard drive up behind me, grab my earphone/mic cable (attached to an iPhone 4) and disappear down the street at speed with their snatched treasures.  This iPhone’s theft, however, has started a process of reflection... (read more)