The following Mobile Enterprise Errors (Unintended) come from the advertising and retail sectors, courtesy of Velti. They are remarkable more for the lack of follow-through and proofing of mobility apps than anything else.  They demonstrate that even the most savvy of marketing organizations can ‘get it wrong’ when it comes to mobile, with a negative... (read more)

This delightfully simple Mobile Enterprise Error (Unintended) comes from the energy industry, courtesy of Husam Kinawi of Wedge Networks (of Calgary, Canada).  It is a downright simple example of what does occur when people do not understand what they are asking for when they demand mobility and simultaneously do not listen to professionals who do.... (read more)

Mobile World Congress (or MWC for the initiated) is the premier annual gathering of those who have an interest in mobile communications.  Organized by the GSM Association (GSMA), the 2012 event was a monster (>50,000people spread across the sprawling if visually stunning arena that is the Fira de Barcelona). Ironically, and frustratingly, the one thing... (read more)

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the largest gathering of those who have an interest in mobile communications.  Organized by the GSM Association (GSMA), it is held in Barcelona — and has outgrown itself.  The result at the 2012 event was confusion and a lack of focus for attendees — possibly because MWC is not what... (read more)

Mobile World Congress (MWC) had some 50,000+ attendees with more than 1500 exhibitors.  On behalf of Constellation Research I talked with more than 30 vendors and visited more, which seems tiny.  Below I list those that made an impression (in no particular order) with a brief comment.  If you want to know more, just ask:... (read more)

Developing apps for smartphones and tablets looks straightforward.  After all, if >1M apps on Android and iOS can appear in less than 4 years, even if mainly sourced from small developers, how can this be difficult?  Larger enterprises should not be deceived.  It is all too easy to underestimate the sophistication required, especially when all... (read more)

The first Mobile Enterprise Business Error (Unintended) involved Banco Santander in Spain  The second comes from an executive of a company asked to help prevent what was about to happen.  This it involved a bank which realized, just in time, that what it wished to do with its proposed iOS app would give Apple unintended... (read more)

There are over 1.5B people globally who do not have access to electricity.  A large proportion live in sub-Saharan Africa. Eight19 is a Cambridge, UK company which has creatively combined solar panel electricity generation with LED lights, USB charging and a mobile technology-based payments system to create a solution that can save a family 40%... (read more)

The increasing acceptance of BYOD (Buy or Bring Your Own Device) is forcing change on enterprises and on how they adapt to smart devices (including smartphones, tablets and laptops).  Constellation has already reported (Note 1) on how smart device responsibility may leave IT for better suited departments like HR or Finance. The EU is doing... (read more)

Valhalla (spelled Walhalla in Valenciano) is a state of the art data center certified to the TIA-942, Tier 4 specification.  It is capable of housing up to 27000 servers in Phase I (Phases II and III add the capability for housing a further 27000 servers in each) and it was purpose designed by TISSAT to... (read more)

Banco Santander is thought to be one of the better managed European banks (not that this necessarily says that much these days).  But it is also guilty of failing to adjust to an increasingly mobile world where ever more sophisticated smart devices are a routine part of what customers (retail and wholesale) carry around.  While... (read more)

Sales of smart phones exceed the combined sales notebooks, desktops, tablets and netbooks, by 15%. Thanks to Distro’s further analysis of data gathered by Calanys Research, the following sales figures apply to 2011: 488M smartphones 210M notebooks 112M desktops 63M tablets (pads) 30M netbooks. Another way to look at this: add smartphones and tablets together... (read more)